Weekend with Max

"It's really exciting to host a group like the dowsers. This is a group of people who have a true appreciation for nature and the outdoors and we think it's great that they are going to experience everything The Valley has to offer in the summer."

Max the Crystal Skull goes golfing: As the keynote speaker of the 47th annual International Dowsers Convention, Max is a skull that enjoys a little r&r on the links. And, as a potentially extraterrestrial computer with the ability to record and replay any events that take place in his presence, Max is clearly the guy to keep score. Max loves golfing with dowsers, as they're wicked handy when he shanks a Pro V deep into the woods. Watch that slice, Max!

Max the Crystal Skull goes to American Flatbread:. Just because he's between 10,000 and 36,000 years old doesn't mean he can't appreciate a tasty hyper-organic kale-carrot-radish-and-rutabega veggie pie!

Max the Crystal Skull rides the Enchanted Forest: What better place to take Max for a little singletrack fun than this aptly named stretch o' premium trail? It doesn't matter if he comes from Pleiades or from Atlantis. He is a gift to mankind. He's here as a teacher, and as a tool, to bring people together as a Oneness. Plus, he rips!!

Max the Crystal Skull helps me re-side the Farmhouse: After scheduling my personal sesh with the big crystal skull, he told me what he really wanted to do was just hang out with 'normal' folks. It can be very tiring to meet all the time with psychics and gurus, metaphyscians, shamans, lawyers, Indian Chiefs, parapsychology researchers, UFO investigators, British Museum researchers, guys from the BBC, A&E and the Discovery Channel. For a disembodied crystal skull with mysterious origins, Max is a hell of a nail pounder.

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