Red Gold

In one corner, you have Northern Dynasty. A company that is planning to build the Pebble Creek mine in Alaska's Bristol Bay. A mine for gold and copper that will easily be the largest of its kind in North America. A big hole two miles wide, a total rerouting of local water ways, and a dam bigger than Grand Coulee. Toxic cyanide used to process the gold. More electrical need than the entire Kenai peninsula. A $200 billion potential payoff.

In the other, you have the world's largest remaining sockeye salmon fishery ... let me rephrase that .... the world's last large sockeye salmon fishery, and a Greenneck lifestyle that will end forever when the mine is built.

Felt Soul Media is putting the finishing touches on "Red Gold", and screened a preview at the fly fishing show out in Denver this week. It's so good, it can't even be called fish porn.

A chronicle of the lives of the local community, of the ridiculously pristine Bristol Bay region, and the reality of facing down a company that's bigger, richer, and more focused on the bottom line than Big Tobacco, it's obvious that "Red Gold" will either be the flashpoint for massive public support for conservation of the area ... or a real pretty tombstone.

LINK: Trout Unlimited
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  1. Scott Hed9:09 AM

    The "Red Gold" trailer won top prize at The Drake magazine's fly fishing video awards this week. I was in the room, and after all the standard fish porn hooting and hollering, the audience hushed when Travis & Ben's FeltSoul logo hit the black screen. People know these guys and what they've been up to this summer - and the crowd loved the film. The Pebble Mine campaign was the talk of the Fly Fishing Retailer show the rest of the week, and the trailer was screened by Sage/Redington/Rio and Patagonia at subsequent events. Can't wait to see the final product, but the preview is indeed incredible.