Signs that a big snow year is on the way

Bode Miller signs with an apparel brand that can only be pronounced after six shots of Barenjager.

The Farmer's Almanac sells another 500,000 copies in New England by hiding the "big winter" forecast between recipes for apple butter and freezer pickes.

Backcountry skiing legend, slopestyle snowboarding sensation, and well-known freeriding superstar Ben Harper finally makes it onto the cover of Outside magazine.

Okemo issues a press release regarding the larval stage of the tiger moth, and how the width of its brown band determines the severity of the winter ahead. Plus, they have 97 percent snowmaking coverage.

Mad River Glen will give out will give out 35,000 lift tickets to Sunday River to a stadium full of skiing fanatics at the Boston RedSox home closer.

Sen. Larry Craig helps the hopeful ski mecca of Ogden, Utah, come up with a catchy new tagline.

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  1. Those wondering- Kjus is pronounced shooos- rhymes with juice. But nothing like Barenjager to help your language skillz.