It's not easy being awake

The brutal irony of the CSR rage and the call for business "transparency" is that the word itself is confusing.

Use it in a sentence that doesn't have something to do with Scotch tape or fake IDs, and I'll be very proud of you.

Fortunately, my man Hugh Hough down at the Green Team has been thinking about this for longer than I've been employed.

" ... Awakening consumers hear all about the carbon footprint created by their cars, homes and travels. They consider carbon offsetting, but then have to deal with concepts such as transparency and sustainable development benefits. And it's not just consumers who are confused. There are plenty of companies struggling to understand what "green" really means. Many brands dealing with sustainability issues are tiptoeing through a minefield full of consumer expectations, and void of helpful standards or regulations. It's not easy being awake.

So if awakening consumers are diverse, paradoxical, value-driven, information-saturated and confused, how do you talk to them? Three simple words: clarity, candor, hope ...


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  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Is that a shot of Todd Helton the morning after the World Series???