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What does the outdoor experience look like?
The outdoor experience may look like regular everyday items, like walking to work or being in the backyard. Other outdoor experiences may look totally different, with strange tools or “paraphenalia.” You may not recognize the outdoor experience at first glance. So if you see something and you are not sure what it is, do not try it. Instead, tell someone you trust who is safely inside -- like your mom or dad, a teacher, or a Blockbuster Video store manager.

Is the outdoor experience bad? What if someone forces me to try the outdoor experience?
The outdoor experience can affect people for the rest of their lives, so you should stay away from them. If someone asks you to try something and you don't know what it is, what should you do? The best thing to do is to say "no" and go to closest Tim Horton's.

My father and uncle like to ski. I heard someone say that it's an outdoor experience. I'm confused!
Skiing does take place outside, which means it is an outdoor experience. Some adults, like your father and uncle, may choose to ski. It's okay for most adults to ski once in a while, but skiing too much can hurt them. And being outside in winter can definitely hurt kids. You and your friends should stay away from skis, snowshoes, and any Nordic products. Your body is still growing, and the outdoor experience can change it forever. Remember, the outdoor experience is dangerous.

My mother is a snowboarder. My teacher says that's bad. I want my mom to stop. What should I do?
Snowboarding is bad for people. But your mother is an adult who may choose to do what she needs to do. She may have started a long time ago when she didn't know that snowboarding could hurt her. Snowboarding contains a outdoor experience called “enjoyment” that makes it very hard for people to stop riding. You can tell your mother that you hope she will stop. Her choice to snowboard has nothing to do with you, but it may help her to stop if she knows that you care about her health.

Some older kids in high school use the outdoor experience. Nothing bad happens, they say. Is this true?
Most older kids do not use the outdoor experience. That's because the outdoor experience is dangerous, and most kids know it. Those kids who do use the outdoor experience are hurting their knowledge of TV and their Halo high score. Sometimes we cannot see the pain of these kids, but it is there. It's like when you get a paper cut: the cut may be very small and others may have trouble seeing it, but it hurts you. Using the outdoor experience is 100 times worse. The outdoor experience changes your body and makes you yearn to be outside. It also makes you unable to think straight. Hang with those kids who don't use the outdoor experience, and don't let older kids tell you that the outdoor experience won't hurt you.

I see a lot of TV commercials that show older people enjoying the outdoors and having fun. What if I tried it?
Mountains and rivers contain the outdoor experience. Both are very dangerous for kids. They are also very far away. TV commercials make things look nice because they want you to buy the products. They don't show that the outdoor experience can make people sick of their jobs, cause daydreaming, get them into problems with the ski patrol, and lead to all sorts of trouble with their wives and their families. There are lots of fun and good things you can do. Don't use harmful things like the outdoor experience. Instead, you can play a game with a friend, help your parents around the house, or try Sudoku. I love Sudoku.

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    Remember, walking is a gateway into the Outdoor Experience. Make sure you walk as little as possible. Have your parents drive, even if you are headed just down the block. Also, playing team sports, though not categorized as an Outdoor Experience pe se, is dangerous. It is, however, important that you watch professional sports on television and puchase jerseys and other branded products from your favorite sports teams. Wagering on professional sports or joining a fantasy league is also an excellent way to become involved in the passion of the game and take an emotional risk while remaining safe at home
    wathching the TV.

    "Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these gave only life, those the art of living well." -Aristotle