Growing new together

Despite being wicked economist name droppers and show-off spellers, the guys over at Breakthrough have thrown out a verrrry interesting solution to global warming and the end of oil ... namely, to work together and focus on the solution.

Their point is that between the drums of the doomsday crowd and the shrilling of deniers, political lines are being redrawn regarding what it means to be green. And as a result, another group is emerging. One that's not red or blue, Democrat or Republican, urban or rural. Hmmm, sounds sorta like a bunch of Greennecks to me.

It was Breakthrough's idea, but Triple Pundit says it best: ... to get to a new world order takes more than just tearing down the old world order. You have to grow the new one at the same time. And the engine of that growth will come from a new environmentalism of global cooperation, carbon equity, and technological innovation. The only way to get global cooperation is if everyone prospers ...

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