Another Thanksgiving come and gone. For the Greenneck, a day of work, play, food, drink, and conversation. Dinner was the leg of a lamb the Greenneck had dispatched only a week before; it was extraordinary in its tenderness and flavor, particularly the crisped bits of fat clinging to its meat. And after dinner, an impromptu jam session based on GN’R’s “Patience.” Even the GN, with his rudimentary chops, chimed in and no one complained. Could a holiday be any better?

Well, perhaps. Because to be truthful, the conversation, while stimulating, was a wee distressing. The theme of the day was the acute sense of pessimism that seems to be sweeping through the halls of left-leaning America, and the consensus that it is not misplaced, not merely fretting for the sake of the fret, the way liberals are wont to do. Climate change, resource depletion, the housing crash, skyrocketing health insurance, the diving dollar, the uneasy truth that our economy depends on our continuing to consume beyond our means or ability to mitigate the after effects. Goodness. Can it all be true?

The Greenneck suspects it can, and lately he’s been taking careful measure of his own waning optimism. It is a worrisome trend for a man who’s long traded in happy-go-lucky, and on one level, it seems fraught with ill gain. As Axl Rose so sagely sang “I don’t worry ‘bout nuthin’, ‘cause worrying’s a waste of my time.”

But maybe it’s ok. Maybe acknowledging these things – not just thinking ‘yeah, they’re true,’ but really knowing them – is a step in the right direction. Maybe it’s not only not a waste, but an essential process on the path to action. What action? The GN’s not yet certain. He’ll take his time and think about that. He has that luxury; he needn’t defend his life practices to anyone. Still, it won’t be easy; he’s always been the impulsive sort. He needs just a little patience.


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    God I love it when the GN get introspective. He must not have got his deer. He is obviously not a wood chuck b/c woodchucks are never optimistic about anything to being with. That way, once in a while, we're pleasently surprised. Buck up GN, you got your wood in and the generator works. Snows coming early and it will make everything better...besides what the hell can you do?

  2. Anonymous6:24 PM

    The Greeneck should put away that wussy Patience crap and listen to Lies...

    I lead a reckless life
    And I don't need your advice
    I lead a reckless life
    And you know it's my only vice

    The more sentimental G&R got the more they sucked. Remember that.

    If you start weeping about November Rain I'm never reading this blog again.

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Yes, it's a lil wild and crazy out there, but a little willingness on behlaf of each of us to learn, open our minds, be patient and think positive will get us a long way.

    The housing, energy, US dollar BS is only a sign that we need to trim the fat big time on our buying and energy using habits, and remember what is really important to each of us - our health, happiness, communities, food and shelter. We can live without the rest of the BS, and it won't be long before we'll likely have to.

    AS for the future...we'll be fine, for a while...especially if we can all be open to embracing the many exciting changes ahead. (cleaner fuels, better urban/community design, cleaner air/water, an innovation boom...)

    Keep it coming.