Glad River Men poach Mad River Glen

Approximately 35 snowboarders successfully poached Mad River Glen yesterday .... and shooter Mike Riddell was there.

The "Glad River Men" hiked, rode, were greeted by applause from the skiers at the base, and (rumor has it) .... went inside and ordered three dozen servings of poached eggs for breakfast.

LINK: MRG Poach gallery
LINK: Free snowboard adjustments


  1. KPT2348:24 PM

    Wait a sec... that white clad Eurotrash? Are they going to do synchronized swimming in the hot tub after this?

    Come on. Have snowboarders lost all edge? You have to come up with something better than this.

    I propose putting a bounty out for naked chicks riding snurfers on any mountain.

    Or how about Jake Burton and Tom Sims have a no-holds barred cage wrestling match... winner gets to claim the title "Inventor of the Snowboard"

    Or how about a bounty to wipe grease stains all over any pretty boy wearing all white?

    What the hell has happened to snowboarding?

  2. Snownation.com1:46 AM

    the "free snowboard adjustments" is classic!