The stain of greenwashing isn't what you think

Excerpted from a guest editorial in the Outdoor Retailer Daily pre-show issue:

...Greenwashing, the vogue term for environmental hypocrisy, is a divisive label that goes beyond a call for truth in advertising with the zeal of a mob. Light beer still makes you fat, extra strength medicine still leaves you coughing, but a greenwasher is tarred and feathered and escorted to the edge of town.

Not just a label anymore, greenwashing is emerging as a wedge issue within a product community that slows progress in its tracks. It creates arguments and uncertainty, casting shadows over things like organic cotton for being easy to counterfeit or bamboo for being energy intensive to grow.

Fueled by cynicism instead of sincerity, the greenwashing virus reaches its zenith when it stops a brand from doing anything at all....


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