How to sabotage "Sabotage Stupidity"

Burton Snowboards, a multi-national privately owned corporation with an estimated $500 million in annual sales and offices on three continents, is offering a $5000 cash purse for the best video documentary of poaching little old Mad River Glen on a snowboard. Not that they've asked for our opinion, but a few suggested responses for Mad River Glen include:

* ...Offering a $10 cash purse (for gas back to Burlington) for best video documentary of a would-be poacher trying to find a parking space at MRG on a Saturday.

* ...Offering a $20 cash purse for best video documentary of a Burton marketing executive explaining why a campaign encouraging the interruption of a legit ... if totally quirky and random ... Vermont-owned business was really the highest priority branding campsign they could come up with for winter 2008.

* ...Offering a $50 cash purse for best video documentary of slapping a "Ski It If You Can" sticker on the front door of the Burton offices.

* ...Offering a $100 cash purse to MRG shareholders for the best documentary of poaching Mad River Glen on a snowboard, winning the overall prize from Burton, then putting the cash purse toward the Single Chair Fund.

LINK: Burton Sabotage Stupidity


  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    the great irony is that the evercool Jake Burton won't allow people to accompany him to the hill if they are on skis.

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    another great irony... MRG was one of the 1st to allow snowboarding andthe little twits were so rude to everyone that they were and remain evermore BANNED!

  3. National Forest is public land, so "Mad River Glen, Ride it I can!" Not rude, not malicious, just observing my right to ride, whether it be on Camel's Hump or Stark's Nest... To be honest, Mad River Glen's initiative to ban snowboarder's really is what keeps so many ignorant skiers in the dark. I can get through those moguls on my board quicker and more eligantly than many a skiers, but really until Mad River buys their own land, it will alwyas be open to all that wish to use it! Remember, Pizza Pie/French Fry carves just as much snow as any snowboard, so that's not it either.

  4. Whysahs12:15 AM

    Just because it's Public Land does not mean you can do whatever you want on it.

    Why doesn't Burton open a snowboard only mountain?

    Too bad you can't spell as elegantly as the many a ignorant skiers.

  5. whysahs,
    Ok, so apparently I misspelled one word, oops! Thanks for pointing that out, that really ruined my day ;) For the record, I didn't say you can do whatever you want on public land, your mistake there. But if you can ski on it, you most certainly can snowboard on it. Just a guess but are you an ignorant skier? I would also bet that I'm a bit more educated than you are, despite my spelling. National Forest Land and State Forest lease agreements often spell out clearly that the public shall still have reasonable access to the land for acceptable uses. Granted, snowmobile access or other uses not already granted permissible would be different. Perhaps next time you can respond with something that makes it a little less obvious that I rattled your cage : ) See you on the hill!