Things to do during a January thaw after a record December snowfall

* Pay December bills.

* Put snowtires on.

* Pay November bills. Promise self to budget better in 08.

* Come up with Christmas card idea.

* Alert Christmas card list that MLK day card is coming.

* Pay October bills. Consider filing for tax extension now.

* Oh God. the chickens ...

* Check and see if September bills are paid before responding to IRS inquiry.

* Fill core shot in new fat skis with epoxy.

* Fill core shot in hardpack tele skis with ptex.

* Hot wax all skis.

* Take crappy core-shot-hot-wax jobs to Ski Sharp to have them done correctly.

* Vow to stop working on own skis.

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  1. Skimohr10:08 PM

    Damn funny Drew.... Nice work.