This is your brain on a redeye from Long Beach

Thursday, Jan. 17
GREENIFICATION: If we could green up 10% of the PGA, it would probably be the same as greening 90% of the outdoor world.

Friday, Jan 18

SNARKY OBSERVATION: Zamfir is not dead. He is working a wine bar in Orlando.

Monday, Jan. 21

LOCA-GAWKER: Andy Brewer is an excellent driver. Even after a lengthy "layover" in Chicago. While driving, he bears a slight resemblance to a younger, taller Zamfir.

Tuesday, Jan. 22
OUTDOOR STREET CRED: Ducked a couple ropes at Snow Basin in a viking helmet. Lost a horn, but gained a good conversation starter.

Wednesday, Jan. 23
FLASHBACK: Catching a cab in Salt Lake City during Sundance is like trying to get a date in 1990 at the Mangy Moose.

Thursday, Jan. 24
WORLD'S WORST GETS WORSE: There are now six WickedOutdoorsy.com stickers in Burt's Tiki Lounge. Send me a picture and I'll send you some of my leftover Moldy Chum stickers.

Friday, Jan. 25
DEAR MOM: Dressed like viking again today. Starting to enjoy it. Gathered a crowd of 400 and gave a trip to Iceland to a woman who's dying mother wants to "visit the place her husband served (Reykjavik) during world War II." Wish I'd thought of that one.

Saturday, Jan. 26
MOUNTAIN MEMOIR: Ripped up the 'Bird with Bear. Highlight one? Twenty inches of fresh on the road to Provo. Highlight two? Missing the bus and hitchiking back to SLC.

Sunday, Jan. 27
KROSS DRESSING: Dear Mom. The viking came back today. Once again, there were photographers around. Sometimes I think they're following me.

Monday, Jan. 28
ESCAPE FROM SLC: Slipped out of Salt Lake City on one of the last few flights before a nuclear whiteout crushed the Utah front range. Roads closed. Towns closed. Even CD stopped driving. Arrived in Vegas just in time to see Howie Mandel, Jack Hanna, and Jose Canseco wandering around and looking celebrity like.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

SHRED FASHION: Wore a Spacecraft shirt. Accused by Dukich of "being not nearly cool enough to wear that thing." Dukich then asked if I could get him one.

Wednesday, Jan. 30
RSN PLUG: Wrapped the RSN "The Goods" shoot at SIA Vegas (available on iTunes podcasts). Rented a black Ford Mustang with satellite radio and busted out for LA. Made it in 3 hours, 20 minutes. Carbon footprint officially exceeded.

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