Vote early and often. Your superdelegates do.

We're all quite excited here in Vermont to have the opportunity to vote in a March 4 presidential primary that actually matters.

Or does it?

Turns out that Vermont's "super delegates" are aligned quite nicely with Obamamania.

Already pledging a delegate to Barack are Congressman Peter Welch, Senator Patrick Leahy and the DNC's Judy Bevans, Ian Carleton, and Chuck Ross Jr.

Bill Gosh is the only Clinton backer at this point.

And the sole remaining undecided superdelegate? None other than our old friend Howard Dean.


  1. Did you notice when Hillary mentioned all the states that would be voting March 4 she left out VT? My wife, a VT native living in Colorado was very indignant.

  2. SustainAbler3:19 PM

    Honestly, even if Hillary wins big tonight, she won't be able to catch up in the pledged delegate count. Read here: LINK

    Superdelegates won't want to go against the popular vote and turn the tide for her (and even that might not be possible as long as Obama keeps it close), especially in states like Vermont, Colorado, Georgia, etc. where Obama has notched big wins. (Georgia rep John Lewis changed his superdelegate pledge from Hillary to Obama last week) So I would expect even your superdelegates who have pleged for HIllary will be cheering for Obama in Denver.

    Dave... Hillary gave up on Vermont since Obama has polled so far ahead there and it makes more sense for her to focus on big (possibly swing) states like Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania. Her strategy all along has been to pretty much ignore the past month of primaries since Super Tuesday and focus on these "firewall" states. The big surprise has been just how big Obama has won in places like Wisconsin and how much momentum he gained from those victories. But the national press and Clinton campaign have been doing their best to smear Obama (Nation of Islam anyone?). Expect that nonsense to get even worse in the fall... And don't expect McCain to stop in Vermont either. :)