The Pixel is Mightier and Mightier ...

For the last 10 days, I've had AngryJournalist.com on my RSS feed. Yesterday, I finally took it off. It was simply too depressing.

Newsrooms are a tough place to be in any era, especially right now. Change is constant. Your boss is wound up. Your coworkers are agitated. The place reeks of sour brussel-sprouty newsprint, you're sick of hearing about anybody named Craig or Ariana, and your Sharpie just blew up in your pocket.

But while some are accepting their fate, those that are adapting appear to be thriving.

One example is Wend, one of the new super-regionals (see also the Mountain Gazette, N'East, and Kootenay Mtn. Culture) and the proud owner of a shiny new baby called a digital edition. LINK

It doesn't start a woodstove or wrap a fish very well, but it's slick and clean, easy to read, and full of jeevesy little links.

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