Google "Bike There" feature will instantly remind us how crappy local bike lanes are

A petition is growing to ask Google to include a "Bike There" feature on Google Maps.

(Dear Dad ... Google Maps is a really, really big map that you can access through your America Online account. You can type in your address and the address of Russ' house, then get directions. Yes, I know you don't need directions, I was just using his house as an example. No, I haven't paid my taxes yet. No, I'm not going to vote for Ron Paul.)

LINK: Google "Bike There" Petition

Via the Goat

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to the petition! I didn't even know about it but I'll definitely support that, its a great idea! I never really thought about bike lanes or anything until recently when I bought a new bike. Now I *want* to bike but its hard to find nice places.