Wicked Outdoorsy ‘Spring of Meat’


Surf Maine:
The Kennebunk-based Aquaholics Surf Shop offers surf lessons starting April 1 with all the necessary equipment provided. Before you say, “that’s not manly, that’s just crazy,” you should know your instructor will be a woman.
Wicked Outdoorsy Sausage Scale: 8. LINK

Ski Tuckerman’s Ravine: The quintessential backcountry skiing and riding spot heats up when warmer temps arrive in New Hampshire. With a variety of seriously steep terrain, some maxing out at 90º, the adventure begins with a three-mile hike from Pinkham Notch, followed by a ton of hiking, just to reach a few minutes of glory. Definitely not for beginners.
Wicked Outdoorsy Sausage Scale: 7 LINK


Raft the Dead River:
As this winter’s record snow pack turns from white to whitewater, the local whitewater guides at Northern Outdoors are expecting the Dead’s legendary rapids to be the biggest in the resort’s 32-season history.
Wicked Outdoorsy Sausage Scale: 9.5 LINK

Blast Vermont turkeys: Home to New England’s most robust turkey population, Vermont will declare open season on these wild birds from May 1-31.
Wicked Outdoorsy Sausage Scale: 7 LINK

Hang with Larry the Cable Guy: Sitting through Larry’s 2-hour set at the Cumberland County Civic Center (Portland, Maine) will require bravery, strength, and endurance.
Wicked Outdoorsy Sausage Scale: 5 LINK


Catch stripers on the fly:
Hosted by the Martha’s Vineyard Rod & Gun Club, the annual Fly Rod Striped Bass Catch & Release Tournament is never cancelled, forcing eager anglers to fish through rain, wind and bad early season baseball.
Wicked Outdoorsy Sausage Scale: 6.5 LINK

Formula 1 racing in Montreal: F1 fans from all over the world will bring their mullets to Montreal on June 8 to see some of the world’s most talented drivers race for the checkered flag. Oh, we’ve heard Cuban cigars are legal in Canada.
Wicked Outdoorsy Sausage Scale: 6LINK

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