How will you spend your tax refund?

Associated Press: "(Consumers are) so anxious that the number who say they are planning to take a vacation is the weakest in 30 years.

The average American spends 13 days on vacation each year. Take away a couple three day weekends and an obligatory family visit and it doesn't leave much time for exploring, for the outdoors, and for adventure.

But with employers cutting hours, carbon fumes from commuters stinking up the planet, and stress/bad news all around us ... it seems like taking a vacation would actually be a pretty good idea right now.

Imagine checking out for a while, getting away from the news, the politics, the endless CNN stream, and allowing your mind to focus on a different part of the planet.

KE Adventure Travel has "late availability" trips leaving as soon as next weekend for Peru, Sicily, Crete and Nepal, among many others.

Maybe that tax cut can provide a dividend of another kind.

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  1. Hhm, I should get my "economic stimulus check" just in time to spend it in Iceland. What doesn't get spent there will be used to enhance my three week paragliding adventure in the French Alps next month. Thanks W!