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I read a few days ago (LINK) that many facilities which accept #7 plastic do not actually recycle them, but just take them to make it easier on their customers. Do you actually recycle #7 plastics in Chittenden County?

"Dear Drew

"The ban on that type of plastic in Canada does not affect recycling markets, or our current ability to recycle that material, here in the U.S. and specifically here in Chittenden County.

"We recycle all the materials that we say we recycle. We have about a 5% waste rate at the Materials Recovery Facility, where all blue-bin recyclables go, and that’s mostly material that people mistakenly/incorrectly put into their blue bins that should go elsewhere.

"If such a ban is enacted in the U.S., and if it affected our markets (some of which are overseas, which could help insulate from the effects of a ban here), then yes, we would not be able to recycle that material. Should that come about, we would stop accepting the material, and make sure the public was aware of it.

"We have no interest in promoting or adopting the type of bait-and-switch tactics that supposedly garner more material by lying about what is actually recycled. It’s good for you to be aware that it happens and to take the trouble to make sure for yourself that it isn’t happening here.

Thanks for the question."

LINK: Chittenden Co. Recyling Drop-off Centers

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