May 14 is Yak to Work Day

Great day for a run.



Maybe I will start running more this summer.

I think I'm definitely going to start running more.

Good tune.

Love the Stones.

I feel strong.

I wonder if my legs look really pale.

Black is a cool color.

I'm going to run every other day, I think.

Should I turn around here?

No cars. Go.

Actually, I bet I look strong.

I should run faster.

I'm going to add a mile down route 100

Will that be a mile?

It's Sunday morning.

No one will be driving.

Yes, take route 100.

Another good tune.

I love my Ipod.

What the fuck is that?

That's the hairiest cow I've ever seen.

Is that a yak?

Oh my God, it is a yak.

Those horns look really sharp.

I should definitely run faster.

Is he snorting at me?

I hope that fence is electrified.

Do yaks run faster than humans?

I bet if i cross the road he'll stop snorting and pacing.

Man, this is a long pasture.

That electric fence looks kind of low.

Can yaks jump an electric fence?

I can't remember the last time I saw a yak.

Can you milk a yak?

I bet it's hard to find the udder under all that hair.

If that thing gets out, I'm definitely going to arm up.

Can you kill a yak with a shotgun?

They better be tasty.

LINK: Vermont Yak Company

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  1. OK, now you just made me snort coffee out my nose. I guess that's what I get for drinking coffee past noon. That, and insomnia.