What will you do with your useless polycarbonate water bottle?

If you're lucky ... like me ... then you're past puberty and have no breasts (that you're willing to admit to, anyway) therefore you're not at risk for any possible side effects from the BPA in your groovy little water bottle.

If you're not so lucky, then you probably spent last weekend sorting through your fairly hefty collection of shwag sippy cups from the last couple decades of trade shows looking for a number 7 on the bottom. (Note: If you didn't make Nalgene or Nalgene-knock-off shwag in recent years, then you probably weren't paying attention ... the items were crazy cheap, super-popular, and even bad logos looked great on the side. Ironically, the "green" angle of using them instead of throwaway water bottles was their primary draw.)

So, sitting there with a couple dozen non-recyclable polycarbonate water bottles that allegedly leach BPA into water, even at room temperature, it probably struck you in the cranium like an 11th hour Pennsylvania Primary slam ad ...

Throwing these things away is probably just as bad as drinking out of them. If they leach into casual drinking water, what will they do if we throw a couple hundred thousand of them into a landfill?

One brilliantly sad suggestion online is to donate them to a homeless shelter, apparently the same one that accepts lead paint and exploding mobile phones.

There's got to be a better way.


  1. Chittenden County (CSWD) now accepts #1-7 plastics for recycling.

  2. http://upnorthica.com/2008/04/21/great-ways-to-re-use-your-old-nalgene-bottle/