The 16th hole

Good or bad, there's something about the 16th hole that always makes me a little sad.

Not unlike hitting the last bend of the river before the takeout, or dropping into that final section of singletrack ... when you're standing on the 16th teebox, you know that time is running out.

It's a natural response. When we see the stopwatch ticking away, the temptation to step it up a notch is almost irresistible. Every swing matters even more as we try to erase the mistakes of the morning with a miracle in the afternoon.

Don't get me wrong ... but sometimes I feel like there's a big crowd stalled out on the 16th tee.

They've had their round, they've made their mistakes, but they just don't want to pull out the driver and finish the damn thing off.

Worse yet, not only are they reluctant to make the final turn, but they don't want to let the groups behind them finish their rounds either.

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