From greening to meaning

“The things we now call sustainable or think are leading edge, (pretty soon) I don’t think you’re going to get any more credit for doing that than we currently do for taking our recycling out."

Those were the words of my friend Jim Van Dine, who spoke to a crowd of students at Stanford last week about "sustainability and the entrepreneur."

As one of the founders of Ahnu Footwear, Jim has long kept me engaged with his candor and his turn of a phrase (he is, after all, the guy that introduced me to the Green Paradox of "perfection as the enemy of good.")

I knew right away that the Stanford speech would have some real gems in it. Stuff like how 'green' is ancient history as a marketing advantage, how 'sustainability' is merely an acknowledgment of the writing on the wall, and how social responsibility is exactly that ... a responsibility that we all have to take care of each other.

What I didn't realize until later was that Jim was once again riding on the cusp of an emerging wave. It's called "conscious capitalism," and it's the first act of the meaning-based economy.

LINK: Conscious Capitalism

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