My Side of the Story

Pretty nice day

Probably nicer in Tibet, though

Grass is getting green. I’m down with that

Damn, my horns are long

Sharp, too.

What the fuck?

That’s the same guy I saw last week.

Is he drunk?

He’s looking at me!

If he tries to milk me, I’m going to mess him up something fierce

That fence is way too low. I could hop that sucker.

That’s right buddy, run faster

If you can

Christ, is he listening to the Stones? I hate the Stones


  1. Hey Big D, your recent post struck a chord (maybe an A from Keith's boney fingers) with me. What's the deal with animals v. Stones? Some dogs started barking at me, while on a run ( ok a fast walk), this morning. Does Jagger's tone, coming out my earpiece yards away, piss them off? WTF

    Snow's piled high in the Orygun hills!

    Later, DP

  2. As the Tradition poster says on Despair.com, "Just because you've always done it that way doesn't mean it's not incredibly stupid."