Cash for the Catamount Trail

Because cross country ski trails and red wine go together like Van Halen and ziplock bags full of everclear, Redwood Creek is hosting the Greater Outdoors Project ... an American Idol for people who know what klister is.

Vermont's own Catamount Trail is a finalist .... and, ironically, in the this GOP you can also vote as much as you want.

LINK: Vote for the Catamount Trail

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  1. Redwood Creek Wines1:49 PM

    Hi All,

    With regard to the recent posting about Catamount Trail, a finalist in the running to win the $50,000 Redwood Creek Wines Greater Outdoors Project grant, we re-launched the online voting on Thursday, July 17th. The deadline to vote is still Thursday, July 31st. In order to ensure the complete fairness and integrity of the vote process, online votes cast prior to July 17th will no longer be valid.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, however maintaining the fairness of the vote is just as important to us as each organization’s hard work and commitment to the great outdoors. Your vote matters now more than ever, so please visit RedwoodCreek.com and recast your vote to help Catamount Trail receive the financial support it deserves!

    Thank you,
    Your Friends at Redwood Creek Wines