What is value in a room where flip flops sell for $85?

"Value does not mean the lowest price point. It can be something that is very expensive if, in fact, it's the whole package ..." -- SNEWS' "True Value"

It's true. I'm a Der Schnitszpahn fan. In the hot-off-the-press SNEWS/Outdoor (which looks fabulous) Doug hits on the outdoor industry soft spot of "value," and gets some fascinating, if overspun, responses.

Sure, there's value in every top shelf item. And sure again, out-zippering your competitors at the same price point is a bona fide way to increase your shelf appeal. But even the prettiest packs can end up being wallflowers.

On the big chalkboard in the sky, the official equation is a straightforward value = benefits/price. Reality, unfortunately, is more complicated and hardly linear.

No matter how groovy-cool-innovative you get, a high benefit/high price item just doesn't have the same value as a good everyday bargain.

It's not semantics, it's reality.

What is value? Flip flops

$20 flip flops from Brazil, I think.

$25 flip flops sold by high altitude mountaineers.

$45 flip flops that remind you of Brazilian girls in thongs.

$50 flip flops from a brand that sometimes makes things that are totally recycled.

$85 recycled flip flops made for people who like walking on sheep.

$100 flip flops that remind you of your summer abroad in Italy.... Marco? .... Polo?

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