Charismatic megafauna vs. the world's prettiest energy source

Precedents, precedents, precedents ... as a proposed wind turbine project in southern Vermont runs headfirst into bear country, wind advocates and conservation groups are heading to court to try and thread the needle.

The project is the first proposal to place wind towers on U.S. National Forest land, and brings up some big time questions with a long-term impact ... how can renewables prove they're any different than drilling when it comes to environmental impact? Should wind projects on public land scatter or cluster their wind towers? And when the towers come to your forest, what will you do?

LINK: Burlington Free Press

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  1. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Since Vermonters get almost none of their electricity from fossil fuels, explain to me exactly how wind turbines in remote mountains are going to help keep Vermont "green."


    I thought so.