Livestrong: the Lehman angle

Sure, you've won a couple Tour de France titles. You've beaten cancer. You've birddogged just about every single female West of Matthew McConaughy. And now, you're going to try and come of the couch to compete in the most challenging sports event in the world.

Just to add a little twist, it turns out you'll also have a hand in getting the bruised and battered Lehman Brothers back on their feet.

By switching to Team Astana for your Tour de France run, you'll now use SRAM bike components as opposed to the Shimano gear you've raced on up till now.

Funny thing. Turns out, Lehman Brothers bought a $200 million stake in the bike brand ... last month.

LINK: Wall Street Journal

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  1. Mike Kaz2:02 PM

    Armstrong got served at 'Cross Vegas...not sure if you saw. Ck out cyclofile.com