Excerpted without permission from the September 2008 issue of POWDER magazine. It just arrived on newsstands. Please buy it.


On behalf of all your upper class, white customers, I would like to thank you and your giant corporation for fighting the "facist" depredations of four ski areas. Thanks for taking a break from making American Express ads to take on this massive source of human suffering and injustice.

A $5000 prize to any snowboarder who provides video documentation of poaching the four ski resorts that of last winter didn't allow snowboarding? That is impressive. I bet you make that much in 15 minutes of filming for your Hewlett-Packard commercials.

Trying to create division where there is none in order to keep your brand "anti-establishment" reminds me of Chevron talking about all the great things they do for the environment: It's self-serving trash from the rich and powerful. Now that your monopolistic corporation has crushed the small rider-owned companies, it's time to fight the Man!

When you characterise these ski resorts as "facist," you're likening them to dictatorial regimes that systematically exploit and murder people. Considering that snowboarders as a demographic are among the wealthiest, freest, most privileged people on the planet, and that your sport and fortune wouldn't exist without skiing, I think you can find a better cause. If you want to fight human rights, start by moving your production out of China ......"

Oh ...It gets better. Pick up the issue and turn to page 38 for the full story.


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