Help wanted

HELP WANTED: Big name athletes, mid-level wannabes, over-the-hill ACL recoverers and no-name groms who just pulled their first trick are needed IMMEDIATELY to boost the pro roster of 350.org, the little climate-change organization that could. To join, to learn, to get more exposure for your little expedition, hit up my man Charlie for all the necessary info (email to charles@350.org)

HELP WANTED: College students in the 30 million acre Northern Forest (New York, Vermont, Maine, and that other state)looking to boost their post-college green-savvy job skills are needed for the first-ever CLIMATE CHANGE AWARENESS CONFERENCE, hosted by the Northern Forest Alliance at Dartmouth College, Nov. 1-2. Spaces are limited, and the list of colleges who aren't attending is a telling one indeed. To get set up, email smartin@nfainfo.org for all the beta.

Armchair ice climbers, noon-hour adventurers, and everybody who's ever picked up a copy of Outside magazine and said to themselves, "Damn. My life is so lame.", are needed to enter the CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE SWEEPSTAKES hosted by the guys at Gear Junkie. Not only does the winner get to pick from a list of options including a Mount Washington Winter Climb, Sequoia Winter Mountaineering Clinic, Yosemite Snowshoe Trip, Ice Climbing Basics in New Hampshire or a White Mountains Hut-to-Hut Snowshoe -- but you also get to have the Junkie himself, Stephen Regenold, come along. Hopefully he'll wear his Evel Kneivel gloves. LINK

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