The ultimate outdoor gift

If you haven't seen them before, don't worry. You will. Gibbon Slacklines are destined to be the next big thing for backyards, barbecues, and illegal campsites everywhere from Mad River Glen to that field on the backside of Muir woods.

Incredibly addictive, the Gibbon is only $80. No batteries required, cheaper than a golf club, safer than a bicycle ... it's definitely the ultimate outdoor gift.

Wider than a "traditional" slackline (it's 50 mm, just shy of 2") the Gibbon is easier and more welcoming to beginners, but still serves up a worthy platform for the tricksters out there.

And with an idiot-proof hitch, it goes up in less than 3 minutes. Worthy.

LINK: Gibbon Slacklines

1 comment:

  1. Dude, sign me up. I have two maple trees in the front yard that would be perfect for this. My neighbors already think I'm nuts, so this is perfect.