Greenneck rant of the day

"Why is gas $2.20 a gallon? Why didn't they keep it at 4 bucks a gallon since we were already used to paying that much? Then they could apply the money to pay down the $700 billion recovery package. It's easy. I could fix the financial crisis. Just give me a snowmobile, I'll do it." - Driggs, Idaho

1 comment:

  1. Gas is $2.20 a gallon because it is necessary part of controlling the "Sheeple".

    If we had outrageous fuel prices at the same time that our economy was failing, we might actually get off our butts and demand that Congress does what WE want, not what will help their corporate cronies.

    Gas prices will skyrocket once the holiday season is over and we've been duped into spending as much as they can possible get from us.