Please vote "Yes" for Waitsfield Water

I was very bummed to hear that pro-water vote signs were taken down last night. Regardless of where you stand on any issue, taking down political signs is a reprehensible bush league move. no pun intended (even though it works).

I support the water vote. I support it because it will provide a required water upgrade for the Waitsfield Elementary School.

I support it because it will provide an infrastructure for clustered, smart business growth in the Irasville area, allowing the Mad River Valley to preserve its open areas for recreation, wildlife, and scenery.

I support it because it will improve the health of an already anemic business community in Waitsfield.

And I support it because it's already paid for.

Please vote yes for Waitsfield water.


  1. Time for waterboarding the perps, Drew?

    Though we believe in nonviolence in the emerging republic.

    H20 - Yes!

  2. Crawdaddy12:01 PM

    Highway departments around the state been overbearing in their zealotry in taking down signs on the ROW this year. The signs might have been taken down by those on the other side (really, who's against clean water) but my guess is they were scooped up by orange trucks.

    True story: Two incumbent reps here in Franklin County are doing a honk-and-wave on the media of U.S. 7 this a.m. State highway guys showed up and shooed them away.