Recesssion proof?

...being sick to your stomach because it's dumping and you're going to work.

... hearing and feeling the slurp of a loaf of bread-sized trout taking that twilight fly.

... seeing your kids go bonkers inside a freshly set up tent.

... leading the way into fog-covered flatwater at dawn.

... breaking trail on the final push to the summit.

... banking corners on smooth and slightly moist singletrack.

... fresh tracks on Sunday. sore legs on Monday.


  1. You're a poet my friend.

    I enjoyed this especially since its dumping today in the Cascades (and in Puget Sound even) but I'm sitting at my computer all day.

  2. Sweet, thanks. You forgot one:

    Being awakened by pine cones dropped on your tent fly by an angry, chattering red squirrel.