Right on, brother

Although it was written from the PR perspective, this rant from Bad Pitch Blog is worthy reading for anyone, in any industry.

"... Face it, with people spending less and waiting to see which industries will die harshly, we are not going to be “rescued” anytime soon. To survive in this mess you’re going to have to have balls. And be fiercely un-mediocre in this time of sameness and safety. Our field will have to be the ones who constantly say to clients, vendors, partners and employees: I (or we) will not do any work that I (or we) don’t believe it. Let’s follow our instincts and not let the negative ones, the ones who wish to send crap releases that say nothing new, the ones who want to issue information-devoid, machinery-driven information to the press and others, guide us to failure. As my preamble stated, it all comes down to caring—like Asians and rice fields that Gladwell ponders with precision –so PR farmers who are in it to bide time will become nonunion baristas in a post-Starbucks environment... "

Read the whole thing here: LINK Bad Pitch Blog


  1. You can substitute ANY profession for PR and you can get the same result...we upped our marketing for the holidays while others pulled out. As a result we're only down a few points, while those who pulled out early are down double digits. In fact, the GM of one of our radio stations gave us a free week (that's $4,000) of ads for "sticking with them." And because they have unsold inventory due to the chickenshit businesses breaking their contracts they signed last January.

    It takes testicles/ovaries to thrive in times like these. I'm actually enjoying it. It's easy to succeed when times are good...but the test is how you do when times are not so good. It's like a hill toward the end of a marathon -- that's where you find out who trained for hills and who didn't.

    I am thoroughly enjoying the ride.


  2. You'd think tough times would force organizations to grow more creative in their marketing (and there is a world of relatively affordable media channels available on the Internet), but most seem willing to choose fear over experimentation.

    Hell, just doing the basics well would be a step up for most.