Booth 12039: EtaPackLite is WickedEfficientCool

Smaller, lighter, and just as efficient as the Primus EtaPower MultiFuel and EtaPower EasyFuel stoves, the EtaPackLite was designed to provide ample cook capacity for two people while remaining compact enough for multiple days anywhere space and weight savings are essential.

Running on pressurized LP gas and rated at 80% efficiency- meaning 80% of the heat created goes directly to warming dinner and not the environment- the EtaPackLite is among the most fuel-efficient camp stoves on the market.

The EtaPackLite weighs 21 ounces and comes as a complete cook system, including a stove base with burner, wind screen, serving bowl, and a 1.2 liter pot with a lid that doubles as a colander. All components, including a 100-gram fuel cartridge, nest perfectly in the pot. The EtaPackLite will be available for Spring 2009 and retail for $115.

Primus Camping
Booth 12039

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