Booth 32257: Ahnu unveils the Croc Killer

Guilty as charged. Not only have I worn Crocs, but I have purchased them as well. And yes ... don't hate me ... I have bought them for my children. (Who didn't love them for their lightweight-icity and their lace free-ness?)

But while times have changed, escalators haven't. Or playground slides, for that matter.

The good news is that Ahnu Footwear rolled out a line of sensational new kids shoes last season that fit light an athletic shoe, but are extremely lightweight ... and YES! ... no laces!

Their newest designs include the Creekside (seen here), but you really should bop over and check out their other stuff.

Ahnu Footwear
Booth 32257

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  1. I got a pair of Waldies years ago from Clearwater Sports. That's when it was actually cool to have injection molded footwear that looked like wooden Dutch shoes with holes in them. As far as Ahnu unveiling a Croc killer, I think Croc already killed themselves.