Booth 32400: Vibram and Simms take a big, green step

Fly-fishing sort of cruises under the radar at the winter Outdoor Retailer show. At Summer OR, too, come to think of it. It won't this summer. The intrepid staff of OR Underground swears that at the summer show we'll fish what remains of our brains out at Summer OR.

With initiatives like Green Steps in place recognizing business with environmentally responsible brands the fly-fishing eco story could cruise under the radar, too. But the intrepid staff of OR Underground makes another promise not to let that happen.

Which means you should consider this a nudge to head over to the Vibram (booth 32400) where they'll have the newest boot from Simms Fishing on display. Featuring the Simms Streamtread™ traction sole designed with Vibram® Idrogrip™ Technology, the Simms wading boots are expected to deliver all of the performance attributes of traditional felt-soled waders while being significantly more environmentally friendly.

The dirty secret in fly fishing is that felt-soled boots have been implicated in the spread of aquatic nuisance species like Didymo and whirling disease. Simms has announced it will phase out felt in 2009, with only Vibram® boots to be available in 2010. In addition, all Simms footwear incorporates the CleanStream™ design featuring materials easier to clean and resistant to aquatic hitchhikers. CleanStream also minimizes exposed stitching, ridges and pockets.

So, yes, there is a fly-fishing story with an environmental angle to be told at Winter OR. And yes, we're gonna fish our butts off in Utah come July.

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