Booth 33196: GoMotion lights up the road like LeBron will light up the Jazz

Hey, this is blogland, so we can go ahead an published unconfirmed rumors. If it turns it out the 411 is not true, we just edit or erase the blog post and move on. No harm, no foul.

Speaking of foul, we can confirm that LeBron James, the best basketball player on the planet (screw Kobe, he put an ostentatious perfectly good ski town through hell a few years back) is in Salt Lake City this weekend as his Cleveland Cavaliers play the Utah Jazz on Saturday at EnergySolutions Arena.

Now, the rumor is this: LeBron apparently told sources close to him that he's jonesing for a GoMotion Trail Runner Lite Vest and he intends to stop by booth #33196 to pick one up, courtesy Jonathan and Bob, GoMotion's co-founders.

If this is real, don't miss out

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