Booth 33196: GoMotion's Top Ten Running Songs of All Time

After seeing Outside's Justin Nyberg weigh in on this important topic ... It's time to go see the boys in the GoMotion booth (#33196) and ask them to name their Top 10 running songs of all time. They're dialed in on the running market with the Street Runner light vest, so maybe they know what goes through a runner's mind.

Some people have already tried to assemble said Top 10 list:
* This one includes Justin Timberlake
* Even worse, is this one with the world's most overrated band: Coldplay (Twice? WTF?)
* How about a little less Robert Plant?
* What are we missing with the Timberlake?

GoMotion is based outta Boston, so we're guessing they're going to answer with some Aerosmith and well, uh, some Boston.

Don't hold that against them. You've seen our #1

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