The nasty

There are two kinds of days in Vermont.

There's the ridiculously good kind -- autumn days of explosive color and optimism, staggering lake-effect blizzards, and lazy midsummer days when living barefoot next to the river starts to seem like a really good idea. And on those good days, it's hard to believe that ten million people don't live here, pushing eachother aside to get their own slice of paradise.

But then, there are the nasty ones.

Full of raw cold that splits your fingers, razor sharp rain that makes "waterproof breathable" seem like a pathetic, sick joke, and a remorseless wind that could give a rat's ass about shattering your fenceline and uprooting your pretty little trees.

The nasty is out there right now. Drumming on the roof, whistling and taunting through the leaky windowpane, and making me altogether wistful for a chance to lockdown in front of a world series game and watch somebody else deal with the weather for a few hours.

The weird thing about the nasty -- for me and for most of the other loonies who call this place their home -- is that we love it. We love the unpredictability of it, the force of it, and the not-so-gentle reminder that our group of silly little humans are just passing through.

I'm comforted by the fact the nasty is out there today, of all days. It's a "day of action," after all.

And what better way to celebrate the ideas of a soft-spoken, funny looking Vermont professor, than by getting bashed around by a raw Vermont day.

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  1. Digging this post, Drew.

    Fine 350 photographs, too.

    Though I will be lowering my carbon footprint by staying indoors and at home today.