The Media is Dead. Long Live Media

"The Media is Dead. Long Live Media!" An ORWM panel discussion on the blurring lines between traditional media and social media, journalism and advertising, and selling products and telling stories. What lies ahead for storytelling in the outdoor community? What's the future of advertising in outdoor magazines and websites? Who will be telling the outdoor's most important stories ...and who will be reading them? Topics to be discussed include the sobering decline of "old" media in 2009, the Facebook-fueled boom of social media, and prognostications of what new opportunities might lie ahead in 2010 and beyond. (Saturday, January 23. 7:30 - 9 a.m. At the Marriott.)

Panelists scheduled to participate include Steve Casimiro (Current editor of The Adventure Life, formerly of National Geographic Adventure), Jon Dorn (EIC of Backpacker), Stiv Wilson (EIC of Wend), Rich Kelly (Social media manager, Nielsen Business Media) and Dustin Robertson (Chief Marketing Officer, Backcountry.com). Moderated by yours truly.

(So what's the photo about, you ask me? Honestly, I have no idea ... but how cool is that picture? And what the hell is it? It must be an amphibian jackalope or something.)


  1. I'll be there for sure!

  2. It somehow represents our future, eh? No more hopping around on the ground like old-school froggies. Time to sprout wings and ... whoa, these things are way too light! Yipes! What now?!

  3. Beautiful pic. Representing a positive mutation --symbolizing growth and change?

    Don't biologists look for mutations in nature to gauge how man has effected Mother Earth? (i'm no smarty pants, just fascinated by the symbolism) :)

    a few thoughts from Buzzle.com:

    "To most cultures, a butterfly is symbolic of starting anew, or birth of new life. There are also many cultures who symbolize the butterfly as the instability and impermanence of earthly life. The life of a butterfly is very unstable, as it starts it's life as a grotesque catipillar and turns into a beautiful butterfly. This process has captivated the ancient cultures, as they believed this process was very similar of one's journey from an earthly body to a heavenly one. Early Greek cultures also used butterfly wings to symbolize the human soul or pysche. "

    Very powerful message when you realize the little guy is in a HUMAN hand... not quite Mother Nature.


  4. Strange, I'm on the media list but first I've heard of this. I see it's on the OR show schedule now though. Hope to inject some caffeine and make it there though!

    Editor, Practical Travel Gear

  5. Hmm, that picture is remarkably similar to the logo for my old agency:

  6. From Jackalope to Butterfly? I'll be there! It'll be worth the sleep deficit to see you in action. And then blog about it...

  7. If humans can wear squirrel suits (http://bit.ly/6k274Y) why not frogs wearing fly suits? Indeed, this might make even more sense as the "fly suit" could be a clever decoying tool to bring in the frog's evening meal....