Cold coast? Let's call it the "gold coast"

Current standings in the East-West Gold Medal Throwdown:

East: 2 (Hannah Kearney,VT; Seth Wescott, ME)
West: 0

LINK: 2010 Olympic Medalists


  1. Jeremy Holmes7:57 PM

    Sad but true: The Lake States will probably overtake both coasts. And don't even look at the USA hockey roster.

  2. What coast is Minnesota? The kids at Buck Hill smack dab in the Midwest were whooping today with Lindsay Vonn throwing down some gold medal skiing.

  3. Not to mention if you count the number of women hockey players that play or have played for the University of MN, U of MN- Duluth, and U of Wisconsin (regardless that they playing for the US, Finland, Sweden,Canada Russia, and Slovakia) well then the Great Lakes is whooping some ass. Gotta love midwestern girls!