Heavyweight expedition skier weighs in on the new MasterLite: 'amazingly supportive & stable'

There's a common reaction to Garmont's ultra-new ultra-light ultra-alpine touring Masterlite. It begins with a little design lust, as fingers reach out to caress the glacier blue shell. And it finishes with the essential question: "when can I ski it?!"

While the general public will have to wait until fall 2010 to get in a pair, the pros have already started taking their first shots at the new gear.

Chris Davenport ... no stranger to big peaks and burly descents ... sent his initial response to the boots last week. Without a doubt, he's a fan.

"...I had the opportunity to ski the MasterLite and LiteRider at the SIA On-Snow show last week and I was honestly blown away by them both. No bullshit here from a sponsored athlete, they were amazingly supportive and stable on hard snow and at high speeds.... something I've never experienced in a boot that light.... wait, I've never skied in a boot that light before. Seriously, I tried the new BD boot and the new Salomon Quest and the MasterLite out-performed those new models by a long shot...."

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