What might a wind farm look like on the Northfield Range

A tip of the hat to Vermonters for a Clean Environment for sending this over .... it's a purely hypothetical graphic display of what a 20 tower windfarm would look like on the Northfield Ridge, using Google Earth. I grabbed these screen shots as a way to get them up on the site.

According to VCE, this "speculative" simulation is based on 3MW turbines. That's the same size proposed for Lowell by Green Mountain Power. Although it doesn't show the full visual impact, it allegedly provides a good sense of distance between the turbines as well as a pretty accurate size representation.

To view the photos at full size, just double click on them. And if anyone would like the Google Earth file for this tour, so you can check it out yourself, email me at wickedoutdoorsyATgmail.com.

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