2010: World's easiest outdoorsy halloween costumes

10. La Nina

Just steal what Farley did.

9. Chilean Miner & Mistress
Poncho? Check. Moustache? Check. Sexy South American arm candy? Keep looking.

8. Al Gore & 'An Inconvenient Truth'
The new 'Ghost of Christmas Past.'

7. Ambiguous Renewable Duo
Solar and Wind. Nobody quite sure how to react.

6. Floyd Landis
Follows Lance Armstrong around all night, trying to get somebody, anybody, to bust him.

5. Scary windmill guy
Coming to YOUR backyard. Ooooh!

4. Sexy windmill lady
Super hot, especially when she's trick-or-treating in a neighborhood that's not her own.

3. Elin Nordegren
Lovely lady with a three iron and a suitcase of cash.

2, Aron Ralston
Curly haried guy with one arm and a suitcase of cash.

1. BP executives
Will buy a drink for anybody.

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