Pale Morning Media unveils scalable, customizable "family relations" rate card, just in time for Christmas

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (December 21, 2010) -- Pale Morning Media, a public relations and strategic media agency specializing in the outdoor world, is unveiling innovative family-relations strategies, just in time for Christmas.

Ideal for mid-season rollouts of personal lifestyle choices, increasing sell-in and sell-through of emerging relationship issues, and elevating personal brand awareness in a crowded and competitive “red ocean” marketplace, this cutting-edge package of familial communication services spans the range of traditional public relations and new media tactics, bringing the best of old and new side by side. Like that time when Grandpa took me with him to show him how to use the ATM.

“PR starts at home. Trust me, I know,” said Drew Simmons, Pale Morning Media founder and president. “The essential PR skill set of identifying an audience, crafting a message, then delivering that message is one that is often overlooked in a holiday environment. By investing in a professional communication firm now, you can save yourself – and your personal brand – significant costs down the road.”

Pale Morning Media’s new suite of family relations services includes:

* Media relations: Maximize the mileage of critically newsworthy items from your personal and professional life. Scored three goals during the company coed broomball outing? Drove to work with the fuel light on, the entire way? I smell a press release!

* Spokesperson duties: As the spotlight of Christmas Dinner can shine a bit too bright for some of our clients, we now offer spokesperson duties to embrace your single chance to make up for last year’s poorly chosen words. Our veteran mouthpieces, with more than six decades of combined dinner party wine-drinking experience, will deliver a memorable, brand-consistent and effective toast on your behalf. You won’t even need to be there, but you’ll want to be.

* Event hosting: Be the hero you always wanted to be by hosting a seemingly spontaneous post-holiday event. Our professional event hosting experience reinforces your “living for the moment” brand mantra through a detail-driven process that leaves no stone unturned. We also maximize attendance at family-friendly events by developing invitation tiers of A-list, B-list and LFC-list targetsd. Previously successful events include the “Boxing Day Bloody Mary Massacre” and the “Sledneck All-ages Backhill Powder-tow-in Fest.”

* Social media management: Our experienced social media technicians will help you post an unforgtettable series of meticulously crafted, thought-provoking, whimsical and occasionally poignant status updates throughout the holiday season. As I think you’ll agree, spontaneity is an art.

For more information, or to send an instant deposit via PayPal, please send a message to wickedoutdoorsyATgmail.com.



  1. Brilliant! Sign me up.

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    This is absolutely hilarious

  3. That is very Green and let's hope we do not come back to that age.

  4. Wow that's amazing. Sound so "eko" ?!? I liki green style.