OR-SIA 2011: B is for Boutique Skis

It’s a strange twist of fate that small snowboard companies get the label of “garage brands”, while small ski companies are considered “boutique.” One brings to mind a surfy, soulful batch of Point-Break extras; while the other makes me think of pedicures, bathtubs full of cocoa butter, and free yoga gloves.

But at the SIA show last month, you couldn’t swing a sponsor-hopeful freeskier by the ponytail without hitting some of them newfangled boutique skis. With more than 70 startup brands on the market today – skis are the new garage snowboards.

Jason Blevins, ski writer emeritus for the Denver Post, popped into the booth at SIA with a simple question: if big ski companies say that boutique ski brands aren’t cutting into their business, but boutique brands say they’re all growing, isn’t somebody stretching the truth?

Only one way to find out ….

LINK: Denver Post

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