OR-SIA 2011: C is for Chris Davenport

The first time I ever heard of Chris ‘Dav’ Davenport, he was banging his way through an ambitious mission to ski all of Colorado’s 14ers in a single year. It was a pretty savvy move for a pro skier … stretttttttching the annual allotment of 15 minutes of fame into an entire season … but Dav didn’t fade away after his 14er year. He parlayed it.

Dav did a book, and a lengthly speaking tour on the 14er project, and then he started popping up on TV. Soon after, he came on board as a directing partner of the resurgent Kastle Skis. Leading sponsorship roles continued to follow as he anchored down the Garmont athlete roster, and got a billboard size mugshot on team Spyder as well.

The hardest working man in the ski business put out a film last year on his Antartica efforts, followed it up at this year’s OR show with a book signing of his gorgeous, self-published 4.1-pound book, "50 Classic Ski Descents," and probably has a dozen other projects cooking that I have no idea about.

Seeing his face around nearly every corner at both ORWM & SIA made me realize that this is clearly Dav’s moment in the sun … and that he’s tracking on a different sort of pro-skier trajectory. Perhaps even drafting off the mohawked profile of the current elder statesman of skiing ...

Yeah, him.

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