OR-SIA 2011: D is for DynaSplit

Like dogs and cats living together, the amalgamation of Dynafit bindings on split snowboards seems an unnatural ... almost unholy .... alliance.

But splitboarding is going off right now with numerous brands joining the party started by Voile back in the day (see Venture, Jones, Gnu). And it's surging despite the big hairy elephant standing in the corner of the living room: the retrofitting of heavy, clumsy strap bindings and lace-up boots into a touring kit.

As long as the snowboarder in you can get used to wearing some hardshell AT boots (not so different from those Koflachs everybody rode back in the early 90s), and as long as the skier in you can get used to seeing some Dynafits drilled into your snowboard, we may have found the perfect set up. With extra width, splitboards already climb like a mofo. And by shedding pounds and adding the firm sole of a solid mountaineering AT boot, getting up that slope just got considerably easier. Coming down? Nothing tops a board for pure backcountry powder enjoyment.

The proof is already out there. If I wasn’t overserved during a slideshow last January at Snowbird, I’m pretty sure Greg Hill said that his brother used a DynaSplit set up for a two-week backcountry traverse they did together in BC. I’m also pretty sure that there are several solid splitboard forum discussions on the topic, and that Off-Piste did an article about setting your own DynaSplit rig up in one of last season’s issues.

Adding another layer of legitimacy to the DynaSplit trend are the efforts of Will Ritter at Spark R&D who seems to be way ahead of the curve. In his booth at SIA, Will showcased some very clean, very intriguing DynaSplit set-ups ... utilizing a beautiful and wholly unique drilling plate made specifically for DynaSplitters.

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