OR-SIA 2011: E is for Everest

In his ‘Save the Poles’ expedition, intrepid explorer Eric Larsen visited the North Pole, the South Pole and the summit of Mt. Everest …. three of the world’s coldest places … in a single year, specifically to highlight the effects of climate change on the world's coldest places.

From a distance, Eric appears to be a mild-mannered guy, appearing not much different from other clean-cut, low body fat Boulder-based outdoor athletatrons. But up close, Eric’s wry sense of humor and acute focus on keeping climate change in the news is inspiring.

His speaking gigs are fully worthy, mixing first-hand storytelling with scientific facts, and providing a much-needed wake up call to an outdoor audience that has left the global warming bride at the altar.

LINK: Save the Poles with Eric Larsen

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